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PetitQ Underwear is a unique brand of lingerie for men. It was created in 2011 in France, by Arthus & Nico. was created in 2007 and was an online store. We carried more than 70 brands. In 2011, we decided to launch our own line. We first came with a small 6-design collection which came out with a bang. PetitQ Underwear Issac Jones

Many stores, online & offline, started to carry our brand, which made it possible for us launch a 30-design collection twice a year.

In 2014, we decided to produce in-house to be able to offer a new collection every month. We built up our own sewing workshop from the ground up in Guangzhou, China. 

In 2017, we were able to manufacture one new collection per month and turned our online store into a mono-brand store, only selling our own production.

In 2019, we launched our US store, with inventories in the US, to be able to deliver our customers in just a few days.

We brought our French savoir-faire to our workshop. Each pair is constructed from A to Z by the same seamstress, unlike in factories. 

We also brought better work conditions: no work at nights or weekends, higher salaries (seamstresses' salaries are higher than minimum wage in France).

Today, we are able to launch 7-9 new designs twice a week. That's a total of 700+ new designs per year. PetitQ is probably the only brand of men's underwear in the world able to do so.

Since 2020, we are trying to add more and more sustainable fabrics, like organic bamboo fibers, recycled nylon or nylon made with plastic fished in the ocean.

We are also adding 3XL, little by little, to be more inclusive.


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